Alleviating Recruitment Hassles


Are you looking for a recruitment solution? If yes, then we at Josel Homecare and Staffing Agency, your homecare and medical staffing agency in Commerce, California are who you need.

We offer staffing services for facilities who are in need of experienced healthcare professionals like caregiver in California, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants as well as occupational, physical, and respiratory therapists.

As providers of home care in Commerce, California, we noticed that medical facilities usually resort to medical staffing instead of undertaking direct hiring because doing so has various advantages. Hereunder are the following:

  • Outsourcing employees with outstanding track records. Medical staffing agencies undergo a thorough hiring process and background investigation to ensure that applicants can indeed be assets to the organization. We conduct a careful screening process so employers need not to.
  • Diverse pool of applicants to meet specific needs. We have medical staff who are available full-time, part time, and even those amenable on a shifting basis whom you can outsource depending on your current situation.
  • Performance-based rather than resume-based. Conducting the recruitment process in normal circumstances gives you a limited knowledge about the applicant while outsourcing already hired medical staff from staffing agencies gives you the freedom to observe the performance of the employee. Through this, offering healthcare professionals with long-term contracts in your company will solely depend on how well he/she performed during working hours.

With our help, your assisted facilities will never run dry of healthcare professionals who are passionate in helping people heal and get through life despite their medical conditions. Thus, partner with us today and enjoy the convenience of not undergoing an intensive recruitment process whilst still being rooted to your mission to serve your patients.

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