Employ the right musculoskeletal care specialists.

Physical Therapists (PTs) are considered the movement experts as they help people with musculoskeletal conditions live a better quality of life by creating individualized treatment plans that allow them to perform functional abilities and restore, regain, or improve their independence and ability to move. Through evidence-based treatment and medical intervention, PTs can help the patient improve his/her mobility, relieve pain and symptoms, and avoid expensive costs caused by hospitalization and surgeries while actively participating in the recovery plan.

At Josel Homecare and Staffing Agency, we source, screen, and hire physical therapists who are proven competent and qualified to render the highest care standard possible in a variety of settings, following all the rules and regulations applicable.

Some of their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Pain and Symptom Management
  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Patient Evaluation and Treatment (and modification of treatment plans when necessary)
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Develop and Implement Discharge Plans
  • Diagnosis of Patient Condition
  • And More

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