Find competent cardio-pulmonary care experts.

If you are in need of a certified medical professional who specializes in lung health care, partnering with an exceptional healthcare staffing agency is recommended to find the most competent candidate for the position.

At Josel Homecare and Staffing Agency, we will match you with respiratory therapists (RTs) who have advanced knowledge in providing healthcare for the lungs and using high-tech equipment to promote remarkable health outcomes for people with asthma, bronchitis, COPD, lung cancer, and other lung diagnoses. Our pool of RTs are trained and skilled to assess, diagnose, and treat respiratory conditions and work with people of all ages and healthcare professionals.

Some of their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Diagnosing respiratory conditions and recommending appropriate treatment methods
  • Meeting with and assessing patients who may have pulmonary conditions
  • Analyzing breath, tissue, and blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen and other gases
  • Administering treatments and performing follow-ups
  • Documenting patient care by updating charts and records
  • Training patients on self-administration of treatments and usage of equipment
  • And many more

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