Signs That It May Be Time to Consider Home Care


If you’re looking after elderly family members, you are probably aware of their reluctance to seek additional support. Often, this is due to the misconception that they might lose their autonomy. As such, it’s going to take greater effort on your part to watch out for signs that they require a caregiver in California.

Should you need help to accomplish this, we at Josel Homecare and Staffing Agency, top-notch home care in Commerce, California, are at your service! On top of assisting the healthcare industry with staffing, we also focus on catering to the home care needs of our community.

To that end, allow us to share some of the signs that should prompt you to consider non-medical home care:

  • Noticeable Physical Changes

    Personal hygiene changes, significant weight gain or loss, and wearing unclean clothes may signal that your aging loved ones’ physical and/or mental health is declining. These suggest that they require assistance and supervision at home.

  • Inability to Carry Out Routine Tasks

    When your loved ones are unable to accomplish daily duties alone, additional help is, without a doubt, needed. With home care, they can be helped with personal tasks such as meal preparation, bathing, and grooming, to mention a few.

  • Increased Risk of Accidents

    When the safety of elderly individuals is compromised, getting them in-home care should be a top concern. One of the many ways to go about this is to seek the help of a physical therapist, which is often included in most home care services.

Got any questions about this or our medical staffing agency in Commerce, California? Let’s get in touch!

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